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Effective Korean Acne Patch
for wound management

acne patches
acne patch Hydrocolloid
pimple patch

What is Hydrocolloid?

Hydrocolloids help the wound heal faster by absorbing the exudate slowly and maintaining the proper humidity.

This moist environment prevents scab formation and leaves no scarring.

The Hydrocolloid pimple patch has a quick wound healing effect just by applying it without ointment.

It absorbs the exudate generated from the wound and melts the necrotic tissue, and it helps the wound to heal quickly by maintaining a moist environment that is optimal for the activity of the regenerative skin for wound healing.

It is effective for wound management as it prevents contamination of the wound site and has a UV protection function.

Excellent elasticity and adhesion.
Due to its excellent elasticity, it adapts well to the body's curves and movements, and it does not fall off easily even in the shower or swimming due to its excellent adhesion.

It is inconspicuous no matter where you put it in the color that most closely matches your skin.

Protects skin wounds, prevents infection, 
retains moisture, and is effective for healing

acne patch 1
acne patch 2
acne patch 3

Inflammatory stage

Step to clean the wound by removing foreign substances, bacteria, and necrotic tissue in the wound

Proliferation stage

The stage in which fibroblasts emerge to form parenting tissue by proliferation, collagen fibrosis, neovascular production.

Maturity stage

The stage of replacement with proper skin tissue (3 weeks to years after skin damage)

Product Information
Korean Hydrocolloid Acne Patches

1. Non_beveling hydrocolloid acne patches _ Original


- Non_beveling hydrocolloid acne patches  8/10/12mm (0.31/0.39/0.47in) mixed (8: 8 / 10: 14 / 12: 6)

Non_beveling acne patch original.png

2. Beveling hydrocolloid acne patches

- Beveling hydrocolloid acne patches 10mm (0.39in) 18ea

- Beveling hydrocolloid acne patches 12mm (0.47in) 15ea 

Beveling acne patch 10mm x 18.png
Beveling acne patch 12mm x 15.png

3. Non_Beveling hydrocolloid acne patches 

- Non_Beveling hydrocolloid acne patches 10mm (0.39in) 18ea

- Non_Beveling hydrocolloid acne patches 12mm (0.47in) 15ea 

Non_beveling acne patch thin 10mm x 18.png
Non_beveling acne patch thin 12mm x 15.png

4. Hydrocolloid sheets 

- Hydrocolloid sheet 100x100mm (3.93 x 3.93in) 1ea

Hydrocolloid sheet 100mm x 100mm.png
hydrocolloid patches




Non- beveling hydrocolloid acne patches

1. Non- beveling hydrocolloid acne patches

    8/10/12mm (0.31/0.39/0.47in) mixed

    (8: 8 / 10: 14 / 12: 6)

Non-beveling products have a large number of patches and have the advantage of being inexpensive, but they have the disadvantage of lower adhesive strength compared to barbelling products.

Korea hydrocolloid patches
Korean hydrocolloid patches
Beveling hydrocolloid acne patches

2. Beveling hydrocolloid acne patches
    10mm (0.39in) 18ea
    12mm (0.47in) 15ea 
    10,12mm mixed each 9ea

hydrocolloid pimple patches

Excellent fixation and adhesion! Beveling method
It is a beveling type with thinly compressed edges of the patch, so it has good skin adhesion, so it does not come off easily when attached, and a natural cover is possible without being visible.

Cutting line
When the product is peeled from the film, the patch can be easily removed from the film and the film has a cutting line to prevent damage.

Korea acne patches
Korea acne patch
heel patches
Hydrocolloid heel patches

3. Hydrocolloid heel patches (Heart shape)
    4.5mm / 3.1mm (0.177 / 0.122in)

This is a heel (shoe) patch product that is attached to a heel that is easy to

reach and is used to prevent or treat wounds.

Hydrocolloid sheet
Hydrocolloid sheet

4. Hydrocolloid sheet 
cm / 10x10cm) (1.96in / 3.93in)

It creates a moist environment that helps quick wound healing by absorbing wound exudates. It has excellent wound protection effects as it has waterproof and UV protection functions, and it minimizes scarring by not forming scabs on the wound.

hydrocolloid patches korea
Breathing wound care “Hydrocolloid”

Using 100% hydrocolloid fabric, it has excellent fit and soothes the skin with the same feeling as your own skin.

hydrocolloid sheets korea
Safe with double protection!

Hydrocolloids protect wounds from water, dirt and bacteria! Absorbs ginseng water (secretion), a natural bio-healing material, for quick wound recovery! Maintaining a moist environment that minimizes scarring without scab formation on the wound, It has a UV protection function, so it is effective for wound management!

Hydrocolloid Product  FAQ

Raw material

Usually 100% Hydrocolloid is used. However, raw materials such as Centella extract, Tea Tree, Madecassoside & Salicylic Acid can be added according to the buyer's request.


Sizes are currently the most common round 8-12mm, but 14mm or 16mm are also available. (As the size increases, the number of patches that fit into the same area decreases.)


Currently, we can make other than heart shape, but the MOQ is high.

(Please inquire)


The current color is transparent, which is the least visible when applied to the skin. However, it is also possible to change the color to a more white or yellowish color.

Packaging method

Korean Acne Patches

01. Primary Packaging of Acne patches
hydrocolloid acne sheets korea
hydrocolloid acne patch korea
hydrocolloid heel patch korea

Primary Packaging: All products are packaged in antibacterial packaging.
You can print your brand and information on one side of the wrapper. (MOQ inquiry)

02. Secondary Packaging of Acne patches
package of acne patch

Zipper Bag

acne patch package

Paper Card

package of acne patches

Paper Box

Secondary packaging: A zipper bag or paper card (paper box) is common.

Put 1-3 or more primary packaging products into secondary packaging.

Package information of Ance patches

03. Tertiary Packaging of Acne patches

acne patch package 1

Zipper bag x 1 pc

acne patch package 2
acne patch package 4

Zipper bag x 10 pcs

in paper box

Paper box x  10pcs

in inner box

package of acne patch.png
acne patch package 2
acne patch package 4

Paper Card x 1 pc

Paper card x 10 pcs

in paper box

Paper box x  10pcs

in inner box

acne patches package 1

Paper Box x 1 pc

acne patch package 3
acne patches package 2

Paper box x 10 pcs

in paper box

Paper box x  6pcs

in inner box

자산 172.png

Inner box x  6pcs

in carton box

자산 172.png

Inner box x  6pcs

in carton box

자산 172.png

Inner box x  6pcs

in carton box

Tertiary packaging


Zipper Bag: 10 zipper bags in one paper box.
                         10 paper boxes in one inner box.
                          6 inner boxes in one carton box.

Paper card: 10 paper cards in one paper box.

                       10 paper boxes in one inner box.

                         6 inner boxes in one carton box.

Paper box: 10 paper boxes in one paper box.

                                        6 paper boxes in one inner box.                   

                       6 inner boxes in one carton box.

This is the default packaging method and can be changed according to the packaging size and request.

Transit / Shipping

Sea Shipping: It takes about 7-40 days depending on the shipping area.
Japan: 3days / LA: 15days / New York: 35days

Air transport: It takes about 1-5 days depending on the shipping area or route.



Thank you for your submission

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