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Hydrocolloid Acne Patch

Hydrocolloids help the wound heal faster by absorbing the exudate slowly and maintaining the proper humidity.

This moist environment prevents scab formation and leaves no scarring.

The Hydrocolloid pimple patch has a quick wound healing effect just by applying it without ointment.

It absorbs the exudate generated from the wound and melts the necrotic tissue, and it helps the wound to heal quickly by maintaining a moist environment that is optimal for the activity of the regenerative skin for wound healing.

It is effective for wound management as it prevents contamination of the wound site and has a UV protection function.

Excellent elasticity and adhesion. Due to its excellent elasticity, it adapts well to the body's curves and movements, and it does not fall off easily even in the shower or swimming due to its excellent adhesion.

It is inconspicuous no matter where you put it in the color that most closely matches your skin.

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